Ok, so I entered my office’s March Madness pool…

And I finally understand why so many people (especially those of the male persuasion) love sports!

March Madness provides an easy, uncontroversial, multi-layered conversation topic. You have multiple starting points… “Hey, can you believe that upset?” “I picked my bracket based on ability to shoot 3-pointers.” “Is your bracket ruined too?”

I started off really excited. I put in my $10; I followed the games with one eye when they were on the office TV. Kudos to my friend Jon for trying to give me bracket advice. At one point I rose to 6th place in our pool of about 30.

My brightest moment was when Norfolk State beat Missouri, as my bracket had predicted. Or darkest moment. Because it was then the entire world was made aware of just how awful my bracket really was.

I had Notre Dame and Gonzaga in the final, with Notre Dame winning it all. After all this health and human services hulabaloo, I guess my subconscious just figured the Catholics needed a break…

As you may have guessed, I didn’t fare too well. I am now at the very bottom of my pool. The good news is: The loser gets her $10 back! That’s right, people — I am one out of two people in my office pool not to lose money on this thing. I even beat to the bottom the person who picked San Diego State to be the champion.

The result of this tumble to last place? I lost interest in basketball. When Hannah told me she was going to go view the game tonight, I looked confused and said, “What game?”

So much for that fleeting excitement. But that’s ok, because it’s almost time for the sport I love to like but not know too much about — baseball.

Coming soon in my efforts to be a better blogger: “In which the family frolics about D.C.”