There are many things that have happened lately, and this blog could use an update on them. But let me digress to tell you about….


Doesn’t it sound fun? Well it was.

Imagine a big, ugly, 12-story vacant federal office building.

Blah carpet. Fluorescent lights. Few windows. The kind of place you imagine the federal Dilbert might work.

Then, imagine a ton of self-styled artists — some of them good, some of them absolutely wretched — coming in, each taking a wall and hanging their work on it, with others building big “installation art” in the wider hallways, painting the carpet, painting the walls, doing their best to make this ugly place super fun.

And then performers coming and belly dancing and singing and doing who-knows-what at stages around the building.

Doesn’t that sound awesome??

Well I thought it did.

So I kindly asked Homère to take me. We went, and I really liked it, even though most of the art was just terrible. There were a few really good artists, and almost all of the art made me think, so it was worth the $0 we paid to go. That’s right, it was FREE. Even better. Did I mention the blow-up furniture?

So I went back and took my friends. Laura and Lee Anne were visiting from far, far away. Homère and Jackie came too. We liked hating the art, especially the more creative pieces. Like the popped water balloons hanging on strings from the ceiling, next to Post-It notes hanging on strings from the ceiling. Or the insulation painted gold and stuck to the wall.

“This … makes me feel heavy…. with desire.” — Laura, about the insulation.

She was of course joking.

We also enjoyed the bacon room. That’s right, folks. A room of pictures of bacon. What could make you more desirous? And heavy.

And here are a couple pictures from when Homère and I went the first time. As we left we drew our names on the ground with chalk. I think we get the cute award.

If you’re in the D.C. area, the last day for Artomatic is Saturday. You should go.