“The future mrs homere”

HOW DID SHE KNOW???? Also, note my defense: “He’s still in college.” BAHAHAHAHA! Life is so unexpected and wonderful.

Also, a smattering of reactions to our engagement:

Brother: “Tell Homère he’s a very lucky man… He’s going to have a great brother-in-law.”

Paige: “Holy Sh…!”

Me: “Juls, I’m getting married!!!!!”
Juls, who knows perfectly well: “To whom?”

Dad: “So when are you getting married? I’m free next Tuesday.”

And many other jumpings and squealings and exclamations of happiness.

A picture from the night of the proposal…

Just in case you weren’t sure, we’re definitely crazy in love.



It’s hard to know where to start.

Homère is always cheerful. But he was especially cheerful Saturday. I had my suspicions, but that didn’t stop me from weeping uncontrollably with happiness and shock when he asked me to marry him on the steps of the Library of Congress.

I said, “Yes, of course.”

Being engaged has made me a fountain of tears, by the way. I’m crying right now. I feel so happy and thankful.

After the tears were dried and the ring was on and a few more pictures were taken (thank you, Shannon Odell!), he took me out to Alexandria for fireworks (I’ve always wanted fireworks), a symphony orchestra and cannons. All that was ostensibly for the city’s birthday, but of course we knew they were celebrating us. Then we went to dinner at Chart House on the Potomac.

I’m excited about my wedding and getting married and this sparkly diamond that I look at 10 gazillion times a day, but mostly I’m excited to spend the rest of my days on this earth loving and being loved by this excellent, kind, warm, hospitable, happy man. Christianity teaches that marriage is a picture of Christ and the church — that a husband is supposed to love and sacrifice for a wife like Christ loved and sacrificed himself for the church. I know I want to marry Homère for many reasons, but one of them is that he’s shown me the love of God so clearly. He is always excited to see me, eager to serve me, so good at encouraging me, even when I’m stressed, bitter or irritable. No doubt we will face trials and disappointments in life, but I think I’ll be able to weather them better alongside him.

No speed of wind or water rushing by
But you have speed far greater. You can climb
Back up a stream of radiance to the sky,
And back through history up the stream of time.
And you were given this swiftness, not for haste,
Nor chiefly that you may go where you will,
But in the rush of everything to waste,
That you may have the power of standing still —
Off any still or moving thing you say.
Two such as you with such a master speed
Cannot be parted nor be swept away
From one another once you are agreed
That life is only life forevermore
Together wing to wing and oar to
{Robert Frost} 

Oh boy it’s hot.

It is hot, hot, hot here in D.C. It’s the hottest July 7th in D.C. EVER at 104 degrees.

Friends and I foiled the heat on July 4th by not leaving the house until 5 p.m., and then picnicking on a rooftop with a good breeze, easy access to blessed A/C and a fantastic view of the fireworks.

I felt patriotic with my red, white and blue. Props to Homère for sneaking us on to this particular roof.

That’s me, Jackie, Deb and Elise! And we had a great Independence Day.

Sorry for all the iPhone pictures. It’s been too hot to carry a real camera around. I do everything possible to beat the heat these days. I wear flip flops to work and switch to real shoes when I get there. I wear dresses all the time. I walk right out of subway cars that don’t have A/C. Just not gonna do it. Winter and I are best friends compared to how I feel about D.C. heat and humidity. Yuck yuck yuck.

Even at night… you gotta keep those toes cool.