Ok, not mine, but my friend and former housemate Hannah‘s! That’s right, folks, marriage has stolen an excellent roommate from me. The Kentucky wedding was this summer, but I was waiting to let her write about it (which she did with grace and humor hereherehere, here, here and here) before I posted this. (Oh, and new site design! It was late, and I couldn’t sleep.)

And here are a few of my photos from the reception.

As you can see, Hannah’s wedding had beautiful details. Sarah, my other housemate, and I had the noble, prestigious and very important job of guarding all these details in the hours leading up to the ceremony. But as you can see, we got distracted with a photo shoot:

And then…. a nap. What’s this? Asleep on the job? Sorry, Hannah.

Who’s this handsome couple?

Here are a couple more handsome couples:

I wish I had more pictures of the bride and groom. But maybe my favorite shot of the night… Hannah’s new siblings-in-law:

The ceremony was beautiful, and I loved watching Hannah walk down that long aisle, hearing the children’s choir, seeing both her father and grandfather at the front leading the service, and watching two of my good friends vow to love each other forever. What a great combination of beauty, family, joyful ceremony. And the reception: it had snow cones. Need I say more?

Much love and fond friendship to Hannah and James, the happy couple.

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