So thankful!

Homère and I were in a car accident Wednesday. He was kindly driving me to work when a car turning left hit our front side as we traveled straight through an intersection. My face and knees hit the dash, and I went to the hospital in an ambulance because I was dizzy and nauseated immediately after the crash. But I turned out to be fine, though with a few bruises and some ongoing headaches. And thanks to our good friend Juls, who rescued us from the hospital and the car repair shop, we even made our flight to Minnesota.
And so I am so, so incredibly thankful to be here with family on Thanksgiving Day, introducing them to the best man in the world, listening to toddler squeals and opinions on sports figures I’ve never heard of.
“O My God,Thou fairest, greatest, first of all objects, my heart admires, adores, loves thee, for my little vessel is as full as it can be, and I would pour out all that fullness before thee in ceaseless flow.”
– a Puritan prayer, in part

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!


The Grand Canyon

Last weekend I traveled to Phoenix, Arizona to see my friends Laura, Michele, and Lynzy, who live there, and my friend Sarah, who flew in from California. I had a marvelous time going to see the Phoenix residents teach at their school (wow! we’re really all grown-ups now! plus they did a great job), seeing their ridiculously cute little house, eating yummy things and catching up with old friends at two parties, buying $8 bridesmaids dresses (really. And they’re made of chiffon, not toilet paper), enjoying that 72-degrees-and-sunny-with-a-slight-breeze weather, and going wedding dress shopping for Michele (we’re both getting married in June and are in each others’ weddings! Yippee!).

Our most picturesque adventure was going to see the Grand Canyon. It was beautiful, breathtaking, and just really, incredibly, mind-blowingly BIG. I don’t think we ever saw the bottom. It was a sight you could look at for days on end and not get used to. The layers, the colors, the immensity, the heights. I could try to find prettier descriptions, but this is the Internet, and what you really want is pictures anyway. So here are a couple.

That’s Lynzy, Laura and our friend James Manion as we hiked down to what is called “Ooh Ahh Point,” at which place you are expected to say, “Ooh Aah.”

“The innermost meaning of wonder is fulfilled in a deepened sense of mystery. It does not end in doubt, but is the awakening of the knowledge that being, qua being, is mysterious and inconceivable, and that it is a mystery in the full sense of the word: neither a dead end, nor a contradiction, nor even something impenetrable and dark. Rather, mystery means that a reality cannot be comprehended because its light is ever-flowing, unfathomable, and inexhaustible. And that is what the wonderer really experiences.” -Josef Pieper