This sheep is a homewrecker



I don’t know why but I’m obsessed with this photo. I just miss Homère so much. This long engagement is hard. We’ve spent so much time dreaming of our future together — and it’s still four months away. Patience is a virtue. A very irritatingly elusive virtue.


Ah, Valentine’s Day

Undeservedly and unexpectedly, I ended up with a man who l-o-v-e LOVES Valentine’s Day. Not a bad deal, my friends, not a bad deal.

So last Sunday, when a friend of ours mentioned like she knew that Homère was coming into town early on Thursday, and when he tried to cover up quickly by saying, “Nooo, Friday,” I figured he was coming early on Valentine’s Day to surprise me. I liked this idea. It made me happy. But then I started worrying, and asked later, “Homère, how many classes are you allowed to skip?” Bad move. He started thinking, “Oh, she wants me not to skip class.”

… You guessed it. We had our Gift of the Magi moment and on Valentine’s Day he wound up wishing he weren’t in a western Virginia library and I wound up heartsick and eating leftovers. I cried just because I was expecting to see him and didn’t. LOVE IS CRAZY, PEOPLE.

And that was even though he sent me roses at work and silly Valentines texts throughout the day. What a guy.

ImageBeing the Valentine extraordinaire that he is, the next day he picked me up, gave me THREE red rose arrangements (I love him. But I’ve clearly tricked him somehow) and MORE presents (he went on etsy! etsy!!!). By the way I deserve absolutely none of this… you can tell because this is what I got him… heart-shaped brownies.

ImageAnd then he took me to a schmancy, delicious dinner. I need to learn to cook potatoes like that.


So, yeah, he’s crazy. And I L-O-V-E love him.