Our apartment

These pictures are long overdue, but TADA! I finally framed our Jamaica map, and voila! photos.

When we returned from our honeymoon, our apartment was a room full of boxes. It’s been really fun to turn it into a home.

apartment442In this photo, the chair Homère calls “the Dekoekkoek chair.” Thanks, Jennette, for finding it at the Women’s Commissioner Sale so long ago! The carpet is my attempt to bring color to a room that we can’t paint. And in the corner is our fireplace, which we’ve loved using this winter and is definitely one of my favorite things about this little place.

apartment439Through that door is the kitchen, not pictured here.


Come visit us! We have a couch and an air mattress and even… a TV! It’s a recent addition; I just now managed to convince myself we weren’t returning it and it was OK to take the plastic off.apartment443

I wanted big art on this wall, but didn’t want to spend a lot of money. Thus, this Pinterest project. I got insulation from Home Depot and covered it with fabric.

photo (26)

The entire living/dining area, made to look way bigger by panorama. Basically a map of our entire apartment.

apartment_redo437Map of Jamaica from Eastern Market. I like to look at the towns’ names. There are lots of good ones, such as “Friendship,” “Cabbage Hall,” and “Breadnut Bottom.”



Gallery wall! A work in progress.apartment444



The painting above is another DIY project (thanks to my friend Paige for doing the actual DIYing). apartment447


So thankful for windows and the genius who invented duvet covers that are supposed to be wrinkly.


The view out our living room windows. It’s better in summer, but I love those trees.


And the best part of our little apartment: this guy. Reading his Time magazine.