4 things we’ve done lately that I recommend

We’ve been busy lately. Who isn’t? The Sanitation Saga required us to move out and move back into our apartment. (More on that later.) But the past few weekends have been filled with quite a few fun adventures, some of which I thought I’d share here, as they come highly recommended.

Once you live in D.C. for a while, and you’ve gone to the monuments and museums five zillion times, it’s easy to think there’s nothing else really to see—which is false. Lately it seems like there’s a concert around every corner, a bit of history on every walk. J. Edgar Hoover’s grave is a ten-minute walk from our apartment. The cathedral across from my office hosted JFK’s funeral. I’m preaching to myself as well when I tell you: Go exploring. It’s good for you.

So without further ado, a few things I recommend:

1) Go to Harper’s Ferry.



Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia is oozing with history (Thomas Jefferson’s Rock, John Brown, Battle of Harper’s Ferry), but no one told me the National Park Service had preserved a nice little row of old-timey buildings for visitors to explore. You can poke your head in at the 19th century watch shop and the sweet shop, as well as the museums. And you can cross the river on a foot bridge, splash in the water, and eat delicious ice cream. And guess what? It’s only an hour and twenty minutes from D.C. Geography is weird.

2) Play games at LabyrinthIMG_5336I love this store. If I could, I would just buy all my relatives games on every birthday and holiday. The nice store people also let you test out the games in the back of the store. Homère and I tried out a game called “Jamaica” the other day—it was decent but sadly taught me zilch about Jamaica.

3) Go to open houses. IMG_5330Open houses aren’t just for home buyers! They are for nosey people who might buy a home someday but really just want to see more of D.C.’s nooks and crannies and marvel at D.C.’s crazy home prices. This million-dollar home had a beautiful backyard patio but super creaky wood floors and a scary basement. And kind of a weird bathroom.

4) Go to next year’s Truck Touch.IMG_5583Seriously, this is like the best idea ever. What is a Truck Touch, you ask? It’s when D.C. brings out all its trucks — garbage trucks, cement trucks, street cleaners, SWAT trucks, fire trucks — and a horse and a helicopter, and lets kids (and grown-ups) TOUCH them! Genius. The kids can also climb into the driver’s seat on some of them, so prepare yourself for a lot of honking. If you don’t have kids, the best way to go to the Truck Touch is to borrow one of your friend’s kids (like we did — pro move) and pretend like you fit in with the parent types. Go next year, or find one in the suburbs. It’s awesome.

That’s all for now. Let me know if you have more secretly amazing D.C. things we should do this summer!






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