Mile High for Year One

Homère surprised me with a weekend trip to Colorado to celebrate our first anniversary. He knew I love nature and the Rockies, so he took me there, even though he himself is not a fan of 1) heights 2) hiking. (At one point during our time traipsing about Rocky Mountain National Park, he said: “That’s it. Bump nature. Our kids are going to be city slickers.” I love him.) The views were beautiful, and while I have many more thoughts on our first year together, for now I will just share photos.

Pictured below: Georgetown, Colorado; Mount Evans; Rocky Mountain National Park, including Dream Lake and Emerald Lake.

editsRockiesAnniversary_20140621_0156Homere Trading PosteditsRockiesAnniversary_20140621_0162editsRockiesAnniversary_20140621_0176edit_marmot_RockiesAnniversary_20140621_0212edit_us_RockiesAnniversary_20140621_0227editsRockiesAnniversary_20140621_0236editsRockiesAnniversary_20140621_0232editsRockiesAnniversary_20140622_0085editsRockiesAnniversary_20140622_0061Fisherman_Tree_RockieseditsRockiesAnniversary_20140622_0139RockiesAnniversary_20140622_0153editsRockiesAnniversary_20140622_0151


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