The beach

Last weekend I went with the aforementioned wonderful boy, Homère, to his home in New Jersey… It happens to be very close to the beach, which was also wonderful.

Wonderful — full of wonders. I love the sound of waves and the sunshine and the feel of sand between my toes.

Yeah, we’ll be needing to visit again this summer…

Homére’s family is Jamaican. Below is the fantastic breakfast they made Saturday. On the left is breadfruit (tastes like potatoes!), on the right is fried plantains, and in front is ackee and bacon — all delicious.


Happy New Year! and Pecan Cheesecake Bars

Happy New Year, dear friends!

2011 was a blast.

I loved every minute of living in the Treehouse with some of my best friends. I graduated! And didn’t trip on the stage. I started my first job. I spent an amazing summer with Marieke the lovely, the firecracker, the genuine. I found a house and two great housemates. And was just continually impressed by God’s faithfulness in a time of change.

And I think 2012 is going to be pretty good, too.

Cheers from me and Marieke.

I’m not really into New Year’s resolutions, but I may just try to do my laundry more often. (ha. ha.) And be a better blogger. And bake more.

Oh, and tonight I made these lemon pecan cheesecake bars… I was so excited when I saw all those recipes in the newspaper. I’ve been keeping the page for weeks.

Being grown up: Uncharted culinary territory edition

Being grown up isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. You pay bills, you work a lot, if you try to do the splits you break something. But there are a few perks, such as eating whatever you want.

I remember once telling my parents that someday, when I was grown up, I would make popcorn and soak it all in butter, instead of just drizzling it on the top like they did. I don’t live with my parents anymore, but I still haven’t done that. I think I would probably vomit.

However, I have accomplished one culinary mark of adulthood. Hannah and I ordered takeout Chinese. And had it delivered. I’m very grateful I had a childhood without takeout Chinese (thank you, Mother), but ordering it as a real-live adult had its own peculiar thrill.

Why takeout Chinese, you ask? Well, as you know, Hannah and I watch Gilmore Girls, in which the main characters eat takeout Chinese all the time. I realized I’d never had takeout Chinese and should probably add that to my life-experience repertoire.

So…. we called Yum’s. Yes, that’s right: Yum’s. So simple, so succinct! So many good connotations!

Yum’s was inexpensive, had prompt delivery and a friendly person on the phone. However, Yum’s had two shortcomings: 1) It didn’t come in the traditional square-ish paper takeout Chinese box that I’ve always pictured takeout Chinese to come in, and 2) we weren’t quite sure the chicken was really chicken.


But I’m up for another thrill. I think next we’ll try New Tong Shing.