A spring day

March has been a moody month for weather. It snowed this week, and I felt very cold walking home tonight. But on a Saturday earlier this month it seemed like spring, and I got to enjoy it with my friend Elise, visiting from grad school, and Homère. I even pulled out ye ol’ camera for a trip to Eastern Market.

But first… some flowers Homère bought me.



And an instagram for good measure…

photo (18)

The next day was also warm, so Homère and I spent the afternoon soaking in the sun at the Georgetown waterfront.

napatGeorgetown399 napatGeorgetown400

My main consolation through all the yucky weather we’ve had since is that it may aid me in getting a not-humid, not-super-duper-hot wedding day. Nasty DC summer can start in July, right?

Can’t wait for Monday. It’s supposed to be warm again!


“The future mrs homere”

HOW DID SHE KNOW???? Also, note my defense: “He’s still in college.” BAHAHAHAHA! Life is so unexpected and wonderful.

Also, a smattering of reactions to our engagement:

Brother: “Tell Homère he’s a very lucky man… He’s going to have a great brother-in-law.”

Paige: “Holy Sh…!”

Me: “Juls, I’m getting married!!!!!”
Juls, who knows perfectly well: “To whom?”

Dad: “So when are you getting married? I’m free next Tuesday.”

And many other jumpings and squealings and exclamations of happiness.

A picture from the night of the proposal…

Just in case you weren’t sure, we’re definitely crazy in love.

Oh boy it’s hot.

It is hot, hot, hot here in D.C. It’s the hottest July 7th in D.C. EVER at 104 degrees.

Friends and I foiled the heat on July 4th by not leaving the house until 5 p.m., and then picnicking on a rooftop with a good breeze, easy access to blessed A/C and a fantastic view of the fireworks.

I felt patriotic with my red, white and blue. Props to Homère for sneaking us on to this particular roof.

That’s me, Jackie, Deb and Elise! And we had a great Independence Day.

Sorry for all the iPhone pictures. It’s been too hot to carry a real camera around. I do everything possible to beat the heat these days. I wear flip flops to work and switch to real shoes when I get there. I wear dresses all the time. I walk right out of subway cars that don’t have A/C. Just not gonna do it. Winter and I are best friends compared to how I feel about D.C. heat and humidity. Yuck yuck yuck.

Even at night… you gotta keep those toes cool.


There are many things that have happened lately, and this blog could use an update on them. But let me digress to tell you about….


Doesn’t it sound fun? Well it was.

Imagine a big, ugly, 12-story vacant federal office building.

Blah carpet. Fluorescent lights. Few windows. The kind of place you imagine the federal Dilbert might work.

Then, imagine a ton of self-styled artists — some of them good, some of them absolutely wretched — coming in, each taking a wall and hanging their work on it, with others building big “installation art” in the wider hallways, painting the carpet, painting the walls, doing their best to make this ugly place super fun.

And then performers coming and belly dancing and singing and doing who-knows-what at stages around the building.

Doesn’t that sound awesome??

Well I thought it did.

So I kindly asked Homère to take me. We went, and I really liked it, even though most of the art was just terrible. There were a few really good artists, and almost all of the art made me think, so it was worth the $0 we paid to go. That’s right, it was FREE. Even better. Did I mention the blow-up furniture?

So I went back and took my friends. Laura and Lee Anne were visiting from far, far away. Homère and Jackie came too. We liked hating the art, especially the more creative pieces. Like the popped water balloons hanging on strings from the ceiling, next to Post-It notes hanging on strings from the ceiling. Or the insulation painted gold and stuck to the wall.

“This … makes me feel heavy…. with desire.” — Laura, about the insulation.

She was of course joking.

We also enjoyed the bacon room. That’s right, folks. A room of pictures of bacon. What could make you more desirous? And heavy.

And here are a couple pictures from when Homère and I went the first time. As we left we drew our names on the ground with chalk. I think we get the cute award.

If you’re in the D.C. area, the last day for Artomatic is Saturday. You should go.

The beach

Last weekend I went with the aforementioned wonderful boy, Homère, to his home in New Jersey… It happens to be very close to the beach, which was also wonderful.

Wonderful — full of wonders. I love the sound of waves and the sunshine and the feel of sand between my toes.

Yeah, we’ll be needing to visit again this summer…

Homére’s family is Jamaican. Below is the fantastic breakfast they made Saturday. On the left is breadfruit (tastes like potatoes!), on the right is fried plantains, and in front is ackee and bacon — all delicious.

Teacups, eggs, etc.


My family came to visit! Minus my brother, stuck at school. We cruised along the Potomac for our “cherry blossom boat tour” (all the cherry blossoms were sadly gone), had a lovely Sunday picnic, explored Eastern Market, and visited the National Basilica and Annapolis.

They seemed a little more excited to meet “people around” me (veiled reference) than me — ha. But that’s ok; I love time with my family.

In other news, Hannah’s friends Rachel and Susannah gave her a beautiful bridal shower, tea-party style. I was just excited to take pictures because it was so pretty.

And this being my first Easter away from home, I was determined to celebrate Christ’s resurrection with lots of tradition and pomp. As were my roommates. So we plastered the dining room table with newspaper and brought out the eggs and dye and invited people over….

That’s Hannah’s “baby dinosaur hatching out of egg” egg.

James feels the same about egg dying as he feels about running.

Hannah, Sarah and I might have also gotten each other baskets filled to the brim with chocolate, peeps, and jelly beans (coffee and dried fruit for Sarah). YUM.


Ok, so I entered my office’s March Madness pool…

And I finally understand why so many people (especially those of the male persuasion) love sports!

March Madness provides an easy, uncontroversial, multi-layered conversation topic. You have multiple starting points… “Hey, can you believe that upset?” “I picked my bracket based on ability to shoot 3-pointers.” “Is your bracket ruined too?”

I started off really excited. I put in my $10; I followed the games with one eye when they were on the office TV. Kudos to my friend Jon for trying to give me bracket advice. At one point I rose to 6th place in our pool of about 30.

My brightest moment was when Norfolk State beat Missouri, as my bracket had predicted. Or darkest moment. Because it was then the entire world was made aware of just how awful my bracket really was.

I had Notre Dame and Gonzaga in the final, with Notre Dame winning it all. After all this health and human services hulabaloo, I guess my subconscious just figured the Catholics needed a break…

As you may have guessed, I didn’t fare too well. I am now at the very bottom of my pool. The good news is: The loser gets her $10 back! That’s right, people — I am one out of two people in my office pool not to lose money on this thing. I even beat to the bottom the person who picked San Diego State to be the champion.

The result of this tumble to last place? I lost interest in basketball. When Hannah told me she was going to go view the game tonight, I looked confused and said, “What game?”

So much for that fleeting excitement. But that’s ok, because it’s almost time for the sport I love to like but not know too much about — baseball.

Coming soon in my efforts to be a better blogger: “In which the family frolics about D.C.”