Love and toilets and such

As you may have read, Homère loves Valentine’s Day. Like really loves it. All the standard V-Day things that some people loathe, he embraces wholeheartedly. And I have decided I am super OK with that.

This year had roses. photo1 (1)

And a fancy, delicious dinner out.photo3

And a gift of Bananagrams.photo1

And even a gift from me!


But mostly this year’s Valentine’s Day was special because it will be forever remembered as the Valentine’s Day of the Troubled Toilet.

You see, because we had been doing this a lot this winter…


…we got to send each other Valentines like this:


To make a long story short, our toilet and bathtub backed up 7 times this winter; our sewer line is full of tree roots; DCWater is currently digging a 16-foot hole in our yard; I have an especially violent dislike for the automated phone menu of a certain home warranty company; and the night before Valentine’s Day, Homère spent scooping gloppy brown water out of our bathtub, lest it overflow and make us even more sad. Please note that I am married to a man, who, on his first solo babysitting gig, decided it would be best to take off his shirt to change the baby’s diaper, as well as use an entire bath towel for protection while burping the kid. He really hates germs.

The plumber finally came a few hours before we left for our Valentine’s date. We had to clean and disinfect everything (no, really, everything. The plumber made a huge mess), but we got it all squeaky clean right before we left for Bistro Bis.


And when we got there, Homère said to me: “This night is about you… and celebrating our bathroom.”


Because he cleaned up our apartment nearly every time this sewer backup thing has happened, and because he just looked like he wanted to die while emptying our bathtub of who-knows-what the night before, my heart was filled with a special love for Homère this Valentine’s Day. I still really don’t get why he likes me and wants to get me roses, but even more, I am completely bewildered that he would do things like bucket out sewer water.

Marriage is fun. Marriage can be really difficult (though, let’s be real, we’re newlyweds — we’ve heard this is true but hey, I still think he smells good all the time).

But mostly so far, marriage is beautiful and so, so humbling, as it is filled with daily reminders of God’s grace that I don’t deserve.

Reminders such as roses, delicious dinners, and overflowing toilets.



Ah, Valentine’s Day

Undeservedly and unexpectedly, I ended up with a man who l-o-v-e LOVES Valentine’s Day. Not a bad deal, my friends, not a bad deal.

So last Sunday, when a friend of ours mentioned like she knew that Homère was coming into town early on Thursday, and when he tried to cover up quickly by saying, “Nooo, Friday,” I figured he was coming early on Valentine’s Day to surprise me. I liked this idea. It made me happy. But then I started worrying, and asked later, “Homère, how many classes are you allowed to skip?” Bad move. He started thinking, “Oh, she wants me not to skip class.”

… You guessed it. We had our Gift of the Magi moment and on Valentine’s Day he wound up wishing he weren’t in a western Virginia library and I wound up heartsick and eating leftovers. I cried just because I was expecting to see him and didn’t. LOVE IS CRAZY, PEOPLE.

And that was even though he sent me roses at work and silly Valentines texts throughout the day. What a guy.

ImageBeing the Valentine extraordinaire that he is, the next day he picked me up, gave me THREE red rose arrangements (I love him. But I’ve clearly tricked him somehow) and MORE presents (he went on etsy! etsy!!!). By the way I deserve absolutely none of this… you can tell because this is what I got him… heart-shaped brownies.

ImageAnd then he took me to a schmancy, delicious dinner. I need to learn to cook potatoes like that.


So, yeah, he’s crazy. And I L-O-V-E love him.


Uhhh… Happy New Year!


In case you’re wondering where I’ve been… I’ve been….



and the NEW YEAR!!!!!!

Homère and I journeyed to New York City the day before New Year’s Eve. And had a marvelous time.

We started with a diner that made me feel like I was in Seinfeld or something…

photo (15)

and moved on to meet up with the celebs…

photo (16)

and did various and sundry sightseeing….photo (14)

…including the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Really really late.

So thankful!

Homère and I were in a car accident Wednesday. He was kindly driving me to work when a car turning left hit our front side as we traveled straight through an intersection. My face and knees hit the dash, and I went to the hospital in an ambulance because I was dizzy and nauseated immediately after the crash. But I turned out to be fine, though with a few bruises and some ongoing headaches. And thanks to our good friend Juls, who rescued us from the hospital and the car repair shop, we even made our flight to Minnesota.
And so I am so, so incredibly thankful to be here with family on Thanksgiving Day, introducing them to the best man in the world, listening to toddler squeals and opinions on sports figures I’ve never heard of.
“O My God,Thou fairest, greatest, first of all objects, my heart admires, adores, loves thee, for my little vessel is as full as it can be, and I would pour out all that fullness before thee in ceaseless flow.”
– a Puritan prayer, in part

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!


Oh boy it’s hot.

It is hot, hot, hot here in D.C. It’s the hottest July 7th in D.C. EVER at 104 degrees.

Friends and I foiled the heat on July 4th by not leaving the house until 5 p.m., and then picnicking on a rooftop with a good breeze, easy access to blessed A/C and a fantastic view of the fireworks.

I felt patriotic with my red, white and blue. Props to Homère for sneaking us on to this particular roof.

That’s me, Jackie, Deb and Elise! And we had a great Independence Day.

Sorry for all the iPhone pictures. It’s been too hot to carry a real camera around. I do everything possible to beat the heat these days. I wear flip flops to work and switch to real shoes when I get there. I wear dresses all the time. I walk right out of subway cars that don’t have A/C. Just not gonna do it. Winter and I are best friends compared to how I feel about D.C. heat and humidity. Yuck yuck yuck.

Even at night… you gotta keep those toes cool.

Teacups, eggs, etc.


My family came to visit! Minus my brother, stuck at school. We cruised along the Potomac for our “cherry blossom boat tour” (all the cherry blossoms were sadly gone), had a lovely Sunday picnic, explored Eastern Market, and visited the National Basilica and Annapolis.

They seemed a little more excited to meet “people around” me (veiled reference) than me — ha. But that’s ok; I love time with my family.

In other news, Hannah’s friends Rachel and Susannah gave her a beautiful bridal shower, tea-party style. I was just excited to take pictures because it was so pretty.

And this being my first Easter away from home, I was determined to celebrate Christ’s resurrection with lots of tradition and pomp. As were my roommates. So we plastered the dining room table with newspaper and brought out the eggs and dye and invited people over….

That’s Hannah’s “baby dinosaur hatching out of egg” egg.

James feels the same about egg dying as he feels about running.

Hannah, Sarah and I might have also gotten each other baskets filled to the brim with chocolate, peeps, and jelly beans (coffee and dried fruit for Sarah). YUM.

Happy New Year! and Pecan Cheesecake Bars

Happy New Year, dear friends!

2011 was a blast.

I loved every minute of living in the Treehouse with some of my best friends. I graduated! And didn’t trip on the stage. I started my first job. I spent an amazing summer with Marieke the lovely, the firecracker, the genuine. I found a house and two great housemates. And was just continually impressed by God’s faithfulness in a time of change.

And I think 2012 is going to be pretty good, too.

Cheers from me and Marieke.

I’m not really into New Year’s resolutions, but I may just try to do my laundry more often. (ha. ha.) And be a better blogger. And bake more.

Oh, and tonight I made these lemon pecan cheesecake bars… I was so excited when I saw all those recipes in the newspaper. I’ve been keeping the page for weeks.