Just had to share…


There’s more to come from our wonderful photographer, Shannon Odell, but I just had to share this peek at our engagement pictures. If you’re looking for a kind, calm and super cute photographer who knows what she’s doing and who also has an incredible eye for beauty, Shannon’s your girl. I might be slightly biased because I love her a ton as a good friend, but I’ve also had the privilege of watching her grow as a photographer and a person over the past four years and as Homère says, “Ding dang! Shannon’s so good!”

Also, to the people needing Tums from all the love I’ve been pouring forth on the  internet lately, I’m sorry. But I’m really not sorry, because I’m about to say this: Being engaged to Homère is wonderful. I get more and more excited to marry him every day.



There are many things that have happened lately, and this blog could use an update on them. But let me digress to tell you about….


Doesn’t it sound fun? Well it was.

Imagine a big, ugly, 12-story vacant federal office building.

Blah carpet. Fluorescent lights. Few windows. The kind of place you imagine the federal Dilbert might work.

Then, imagine a ton of self-styled artists — some of them good, some of them absolutely wretched — coming in, each taking a wall and hanging their work on it, with others building big “installation art” in the wider hallways, painting the carpet, painting the walls, doing their best to make this ugly place super fun.

And then performers coming and belly dancing and singing and doing who-knows-what at stages around the building.

Doesn’t that sound awesome??

Well I thought it did.

So I kindly asked Homère to take me. We went, and I really liked it, even though most of the art was just terrible. There were a few really good artists, and almost all of the art made me think, so it was worth the $0 we paid to go. That’s right, it was FREE. Even better. Did I mention the blow-up furniture?

So I went back and took my friends. Laura and Lee Anne were visiting from far, far away. Homère and Jackie came too. We liked hating the art, especially the more creative pieces. Like the popped water balloons hanging on strings from the ceiling, next to Post-It notes hanging on strings from the ceiling. Or the insulation painted gold and stuck to the wall.

“This … makes me feel heavy…. with desire.” — Laura, about the insulation.

She was of course joking.

We also enjoyed the bacon room. That’s right, folks. A room of pictures of bacon. What could make you more desirous? And heavy.

And here are a couple pictures from when Homère and I went the first time. As we left we drew our names on the ground with chalk. I think we get the cute award.

If you’re in the D.C. area, the last day for Artomatic is Saturday. You should go.

Best thing ever

You know what the best thing ever is?

It’s a beautiful May day on Capitol Hill, just hot enough to make you grateful for shade. You’re walking down the sidewalk and what do you see? Miraculous words:


That’s right. I got Annie Dillard and a nice old-looking edition of O. Henry. Homère got that little yellow manual about worst-case survival skills. And in it he found 20,000 dollars!!

Ok, not really. But he did find 20,000 Korean dollars! Google tells me they’re actually called “won.” He won 20,000 won.

Wishing you many free books in life!

The beach

Last weekend I went with the aforementioned wonderful boy, Homère, to his home in New Jersey… It happens to be very close to the beach, which was also wonderful.

Wonderful — full of wonders. I love the sound of waves and the sunshine and the feel of sand between my toes.

Yeah, we’ll be needing to visit again this summer…

Homére’s family is Jamaican. Below is the fantastic breakfast they made Saturday. On the left is breadfruit (tastes like potatoes!), on the right is fried plantains, and in front is ackee and bacon — all delicious.

Teacups, eggs, etc.


My family came to visit! Minus my brother, stuck at school. We cruised along the Potomac for our “cherry blossom boat tour” (all the cherry blossoms were sadly gone), had a lovely Sunday picnic, explored Eastern Market, and visited the National Basilica and Annapolis.

They seemed a little more excited to meet “people around” me (veiled reference) than me — ha. But that’s ok; I love time with my family.

In other news, Hannah’s friends Rachel and Susannah gave her a beautiful bridal shower, tea-party style. I was just excited to take pictures because it was so pretty.

And this being my first Easter away from home, I was determined to celebrate Christ’s resurrection with lots of tradition and pomp. As were my roommates. So we plastered the dining room table with newspaper and brought out the eggs and dye and invited people over….

That’s Hannah’s “baby dinosaur hatching out of egg” egg.

James feels the same about egg dying as he feels about running.

Hannah, Sarah and I might have also gotten each other baskets filled to the brim with chocolate, peeps, and jelly beans (coffee and dried fruit for Sarah). YUM.

Christmastime in the city

“It’s Christmastime in the city.”

And it’s wonderful.

There have been so many




pretty things to wonder at

and so much


and love.

I even learned to make latkes (Happy Hanukkah!).

There’s just not much better than a time when everyone decides all together to decorate with red, green and gold and act a little like children in happiness over it.

And to top it all off, it’s all because the God who makes stars twinkle came into our world to make us his friends once again.

So lovely. Merry Christmas.


Well, I think we all know by now that I’m a horrible blogger.

It’s been a couple weeks since my friend Naomi graced D.C. with her presence, her soup-making skills, beauty and intelligence. Naomi and I met while working at Bible camp together, and we’ve been pen pals ever since. She’s super great. We both like adventures, so we had many while she was here.

On our big day of adventure (my day off), we biked/Metroed out to Anacostia… and we didn’t get shot! I did almost have a heart attack as I was biking and a man started running alongside me, but fortunately he wasn’t trying to tackle me. And we only passed one restaurant whose owner was arrested for having a deskful of cocaine.

Actually, Anacostia was surprisingly nice — some brick sidewalks and outdoor art exhibits. And it had our destination — the Frederick Douglass house! He lived in the home for the latter portion of his life, from 1878-1895.

The little cabin is where he went to write. Someday I would like a place to write. Maybe a gazebo.

Then we headed to Georgetown. The canal was gorgeous, with yellow leaves everywhere.

We did some shopping and went to Georgetown Cupcake. I forgive them for being popular and on television BECAUSE THEY ARE SO GOOD. I’ve had several flavors now, and I’ve loved every one. Eggnog frosting = yet another reason Christmas is my favorite holiday. Pictured below are red velvet and triple chocolate.

We had many other adventures, including a book fair where we took our picture with the Georgetown Cupcake ladies (hey, they fed us those cupcakes), a fancy dinner with an awkward waiter followed by a National Symphony Orchestra concert, a poetry reading and a Sunday afternoon trip to the National Gallery of Art. I guess we kinda rocked the culture thing.

And I captured some of that with Le iPhone, a recent agonizing purchase that should probably merit a blog post of its own. But for now, thanks to Naomi for a wonderful week.