Ok, not mine, but my friend and former housemate Hannah‘s! That’s right, folks, marriage has stolen an excellent roommate from me. The Kentucky wedding was this summer, but I was waiting to let her write about it (which she did with grace and humor hereherehere, here, here and here) before I posted this. (Oh, and new site design! It was late, and I couldn’t sleep.)

And here are a few of my photos from the reception.

As you can see, Hannah’s wedding had beautiful details. Sarah, my other housemate, and I had the noble, prestigious and very important job of guarding all these details in the hours leading up to the ceremony. But as you can see, we got distracted with a photo shoot:

And then…. a nap. What’s this? Asleep on the job? Sorry, Hannah.

Who’s this handsome couple?

Here are a couple more handsome couples:

I wish I had more pictures of the bride and groom. But maybe my favorite shot of the night… Hannah’s new siblings-in-law:

The ceremony was beautiful, and I loved watching Hannah walk down that long aisle, hearing the children’s choir, seeing both her father and grandfather at the front leading the service, and watching two of my good friends vow to love each other forever. What a great combination of beauty, family, joyful ceremony. And the reception: it had snow cones. Need I say more?

Much love and fond friendship to Hannah and James, the happy couple.


A little Saturday update


So much to update! In August I went to Joni & Friends camp with Lee Anne, accompanied Homère to law school, signed a contract for a wedding reception venue, got to see Juls… More on all that later.

But for now…

I really love Saturdays. I was working Tuesday-Saturday most of last year, and now that I’m off that schedule, boy it’s really great. They just feel so perfectly lazy and comfy. And now I am watching a wild storm whip around the trees out my window — rainy Saturdays are even better.

Homère is off at law school, studying very hard. I miss him very much, but he’s visited twice already and is planning to visit quite a bit more in the next few months, so the distance hasn’t been too terrible for us yet. I keep busy going to work, planning our wedding, pinning too many things on Pinterest, catching up with friends, reading, etc. And I will gladly bake several dozen cookies for whoever invented Skype.

Lately I have been reminded over and over again how incredibly, undeservedly and abundantly blessed I am. God has just been so kind. My good friend and future bridesmaid Michele just got engaged! I get to see my family in two weeks! I have a loving fiancè, an exciting job, an encouraging church, a comfy house with fun roommates, etc. And in the midst of this I sometimes still complain! I’m crazy.

Praying you get a chance to count your blessings today….


Teacups, eggs, etc.


My family came to visit! Minus my brother, stuck at school. We cruised along the Potomac for our “cherry blossom boat tour” (all the cherry blossoms were sadly gone), had a lovely Sunday picnic, explored Eastern Market, and visited the National Basilica and Annapolis.

They seemed a little more excited to meet “people around” me (veiled reference) than me — ha. But that’s ok; I love time with my family.

In other news, Hannah’s friends Rachel and Susannah gave her a beautiful bridal shower, tea-party style. I was just excited to take pictures because it was so pretty.

And this being my first Easter away from home, I was determined to celebrate Christ’s resurrection with lots of tradition and pomp. As were my roommates. So we plastered the dining room table with newspaper and brought out the eggs and dye and invited people over….

That’s Hannah’s “baby dinosaur hatching out of egg” egg.

James feels the same about egg dying as he feels about running.

Hannah, Sarah and I might have also gotten each other baskets filled to the brim with chocolate, peeps, and jelly beans (coffee and dried fruit for Sarah). YUM.

Being grown up: Uncharted culinary territory edition

Being grown up isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. You pay bills, you work a lot, if you try to do the splits you break something. But there are a few perks, such as eating whatever you want.

I remember once telling my parents that someday, when I was grown up, I would make popcorn and soak it all in butter, instead of just drizzling it on the top like they did. I don’t live with my parents anymore, but I still haven’t done that. I think I would probably vomit.

However, I have accomplished one culinary mark of adulthood. Hannah and I ordered takeout Chinese. And had it delivered. I’m very grateful I had a childhood without takeout Chinese (thank you, Mother), but ordering it as a real-live adult had its own peculiar thrill.

Why takeout Chinese, you ask? Well, as you know, Hannah and I watch Gilmore Girls, in which the main characters eat takeout Chinese all the time. I realized I’d never had takeout Chinese and should probably add that to my life-experience repertoire.

So…. we called Yum’s. Yes, that’s right: Yum’s. So simple, so succinct! So many good connotations!

Yum’s was inexpensive, had prompt delivery and a friendly person on the phone. However, Yum’s had two shortcomings: 1) It didn’t come in the traditional square-ish paper takeout Chinese box that I’ve always pictured takeout Chinese to come in, and 2) we weren’t quite sure the chicken was really chicken.


But I’m up for another thrill. I think next we’ll try New Tong Shing.


“There is nothing better for a man, than that he should eat and drink, and that he should make his soul enjoy good in his labour. This also I saw, that it was from the hand of God.” — Ecclesiastes 2:24

One of my new activities as a real live adult is what my roommate Hannah and I like to call “nesting.” You see, it turns out there a million bajillion things one needs to have just to eat every day, let alone sleep or stay clean. And then once you have all those basic things (skillet, pillows, toothbrush holder, etc.), having a home that you actually enjoy being in and to which you would like to invite others requires “nesting.”

Nesting is soothing to the soul. As someone who watches her day’s work get thrown in the trash can every day (the ephemeral newspaper), it’s quite satisfying to work on something that will last, at least for a while. For example, I put together this desk the other night while watching Gilmore Girls with Hannah. In my amateur opinion, nesting is best accomplished while watching Gilmore Girls.

Nesting also gives you a fantastic sense of accomplishment; you suddenly feel that if you were left alone in the Canadian wilderness with nothing but an ax you could make it. For example: Who knew I could install blinds? If I can do that, I’m sure the Canadian wilderness is NBD, as they say.But nesting is in vain, I think, unless it is done with a good purpose. One of the best things I’ve ever heard about nesting came from a wise friend (Zach Howard) who is married to another wise friend (Betsy Peters Howard). He said that his marriage, his home, his car — everything he had in life — were his “available means of persuasion” (think Aristotle) for persuading people of the gospel. Thus, kitchen so I can cook: great. Kitchen so I can cook and show others the love of God: way better. I don’t always remember that, but I hope to get better at it.

I’ll end with a picture of some delicious tomatoes I made tonight, and a thought from Dr. Smith’s Last Lecture: “Love your work. What folly it is to moan and groan. Convert the prose of life into beautiful verse.”