The Further Adventures of Juls and Liz

Juls and I did more than carve pumpkins. We also ate sushi off a conveyor belt, toured the Occupy DC protest, slept in, and made Mickey Mouse chocolate chip pancakes, among other accomplishments.

On our big “Explore D.C. day”, our friend Rebecca was kind enough to give up her lunch hour to show us mere tourists the Capitol — or, as Juls calls it, “America!”

We then made a brief stop at the Library of Congress before hopping on the Metro to visit the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. No match for St. Peter’s, but beautiful and interesting in its own way and one of my favorite places in D.C. If you’re in D.C., you should go.

The basilica always makes me think about the relationship between beauty and worship. But more on that later. It’s late. Good night, world.


Pumpkin carving

This past week my friend Juliana visited me on her fall break from law school. It’s hard to explain what a wonderful friend Juls is. Let’s just say our friendship often reminds me of the fifth chapter of The Wind in the Willows, with me, like Mole, breaking down into tears and Juls going out of her way to make it all better again.

We had many adventures this weekend, more of which I will post later. Today we came home from church and did something that made us very happy: We carved a pumpkin.

Our friend Kat joined us in this pumpkin carving endeavor. While we were deciding what shape to carve, Juls told us that all the pumpkins she’d ever carved had smiling faces because carving pumpkins always made her happy. Thus, we carved a happy pumpkin. And named him Felix.

After we finished him, several children walked by and talked about how cheerful the pumpkin looked, according to the report from my housemate Hannah — clear proof that Felix’s joy is contagious.

We took too long carving the pumpkin, however, and Juls missed her bus. But she was able to get a ticket for a later ride, so we went back home from the station and roasted pumpkin seeds and watched a couple episodes of our favorite show, Arrested Development, or, as Juls’ mom once called it, “Depressed Elements.”

What a good afternoon.

P.S. Check out updated photos of our house from Hannah. Also notice how content Juls and I look in the photos. We were watching Depressed Elements — friendship bliss.